Fingerelektroden Finger Electrodes

These Finger Electrodes are used for sensory nerve stimulation or recording. Before use soak the electrodes in saline or use conductive gel.


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Strap Electrodes

Hook & Loop Straps 10 x 150 mm red and white, Metalgeflecht 100 mm lang, covered with a 100 mm long, white felt band. Connector-Pin 0,7 mm . This pair of straps electrodes comes without an twin-cable.

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FUZ-PIN Strap Electrodes with 0,7 mm gold pin

1 pair

39.50 Euro


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Ring Electrode

Ring electrodes made from sainless steel. Available in two sizes:

FUZ-FED1: Single Ring Electrode color coded red or black, rubber insulated, tinned copper wire cable unshielded 100 cm (40") long, with choice of plug type.

FUZ-FED2: Twin Ring Electrode color coded red and black rubber insulated, tinned copper wire cable unshielded 20 cm long, followed by 130 cm long, shielded cable terminated in 5-pin connector.

Part-No. Description Qty.


FUZ-FED1 Single Ring Electrode, unshielded leadwire

1 piece

19.50 Euro

FUZ-FED2 Twin Ring Electrode, shielded cable 1 piece 39.50 Euro


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